Sort of seems like this policy should apply 24/7 to R-Rated films

Sort of seems like this policy should apply 24/7 to R-Rated films

Get off that!You are going to get the play-field glass all smudged!

Get off that!

You are going to get the play-field glass all smudged!

Darth Vader toast?

I got this Star Wars toaster out yesterday that I received as a gift a few years back and thought that my kids would enjoy some “Darth Vader toast”, however after trying all the settings and burning an entire loaf of bread, it seems that it only makes it one way..

..on the DARK SIDE!


Our lunch at The Big Chicken consisted of chicken, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, apple sauce and juice (they don’t offer milk) and I was thinking “This isn’t going to be great, but not as bad as I feared”.

Nope. The “Juice” clearly states that it contains “0% Juice” and the “Apple sauce” was a squeeze pouch. I’m not really sure why they didn’t just puree the whole meal in put in in a slightly larger pouch, since that’s how kids (and adults soon) seem to eat these days.. <palm to face>.

If you are having an &#8220;Insemination shower&#8221; Kroger has your cake ready!

If you are having an “Insemination shower” Kroger has your cake ready!

"He’s more machine now than shoe. His lights are twisted and evil" -Obi-Wan

I found these awesome Darth Vader shoes at Goodwill that were unworn (and $55 retail) for $4 today. First order of business before showing them to Atticus was cutting out the electronics for all the stupid flashing lights!!



The relationship between a mentor and mentee is often complex on all kinds of levels. Within any mentoring relationship there can be disagreements, accomplishments, tough love and the inspiration to constantly keep trying. Unlike a teacher/student relationship where one person typically gives…

Nice Boat

This guy passed me in traffic a few days ago pulling one of the hottest boats I’ve seen in a long time.  I bet it even has an 8-track player!

Farm Sounds

"Strangle Me Elmo"


I found this in a store while shopping and was horrified at the package design, which really does look like Elmo is trying to kill this kid.

The look in Elmo’s eyes really isn’t helping either.

Even worse was seeing it at Target being displayed on it’s side.  Now it goes someplace else, like “No means no Elmo”.