FB Trolling (and deals)

When I have free time I like to buy items as discounted prices, and troll people’s posts.

Here I respond to a request for a “Prince” costume.

Sign of the times, in GA..

Apparently dads in GA need a reminder to not leave their kids in the car.. Thanks Walmart!

HD Radio

Because what kid didn’t want to listen to the sparkling sounds of AM radio?

Best new chips

My kids and I agree that these are the best chips we have had in along time!

Deep thoughts?

My question to my wife while having lunch today as kids ran screaming through the restaurant and 3 moms sat chatting and fiddling with iPhones not doing anything about it:

"Are these moms (or parents) with horribly behaving kids that they ignore just as happy as those of us with very well behaved kids and pay lots of attention to them?"

God bless the South

Signs you are at a gas staion the mountains..



Snack food of the gods!


Day 1: Atlanta, GA to Dayton, Ohio

Day 1: I couldn’t ask for better weather, and traffic on 75N is surprisingly light.  I’ve been doing this drive from Atlanta to Dayton, which is straight up I-75N, for 20 years now and know it like the back of my hand.  However, most of the time I’m in a hurry to get home/to my dad’s house and try to stop once for gas/food/bathroom, although with a wife and kids that plan has changed slightly.

One place I always talk about stopping in at the top of the mountain in TN  where the access road beside the highway looks like it goes straight up to the clouds, and I always talk about stopping one day and driving up that road to see where it goes.  Well, since I’m not in a hurry, today is that day.


You can see the start of the road in the upper right corner of this picture, which is at TN Exit #156 on 75N, and it looks pretty fun!  I even looked at it on Google Earth and it looked like a nice little side trip.

But first, I need to text a picture to my wife of “Blue Doggy” and “Miffy” that are joining me on this ride.  I thought taking picture of them in different places with me would be fun for my kids.

Unfortunately, when I got close to the road it was in pretty bad disrepair, and covered in dirt and sand.  In doing a search for pictures I found this article, which I guess would explain the condition of the road.. Oh, well.  I still have Skyline Drive and the entire Blue Ridge Trail to ride on the way home.

"Mountain Song"  by Jane’s Addiction’s

I had this in my head the whole time I was riding down the mountains in TN